AVTpro Certifications

The AVTpro certifications cover a range of tasks that translators are commonly asked to perform when working on media localization projects. Our certifications are designed to test your ability to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, so you are best prepared for the challenges you will face on the job, and prospective employers can rest assured you will be able to hit the ground running when they hire your services.

To reflect real practice in the industry when localizing audiovisual productions, we have devised two different but complementary certifications to start with: AVTpro Subtitle Translation and AVTpro Subtitle Creation. More certifications are planned for the future and they will be prioritized according to the demands of the industry, reflected in the advice of our Advisory Board.

Subtitle Translation Certification

The overall goal of the AVTpro Subtitle Translation exam is to test your linguistic and cultural knowledge as well as your skills when translating subtitles in your target language from a template containing predefined subtitles in the language of the original production.

Subtitle Creation Certification

The AVTpro Subtitle Creation exam is designed to assess your ability to produce subtitles from scratch, taking care of the spotting and translation of some short scenes, while carefully following the subtitling style guide provided to you.