AVTpro Testimonials

“The current testing process for translators can result in multiple versions of similar tests being taken with each media localization provider. AVTpro certification offers translators the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a centralized testing environment.
Once badged as certified professionals, translators will be able to connect directly with participating media services companies without the need for further testing, allowing them to focus on the truly important work of quality translation."
Simon Constable
SVP Language Services, Visual Data Media
“The AVTpro certification exam is an industry standard of quality and competence for translators working in media localization. As certified professionals, they will hopefully be able to command better contracts, charge higher rates and approach negotiations with higher confidence.”
Agnieszka Szarkowska
Professor of Translation, AVTpro Team
“The AVTpro certification exam is a great way for translators to benchmark their knowledge and skills against other professionals in the field. I believe it helps translators grow and excel in their career.”
Adriana Tortoriello
Senior subtitler, AVTpro Team