About the AVTpro Certifications

At present, we offer two certifications in subtitling, from English into various languages: AVTpro Subtitle Translation and AVTpro Subtitle Creation.

At present, we offer four language combinations, working from English into French, German, Italian or Castilian Spanish.
More languages will be added in the near future.

The AVTpro Subtitle Translation and Creation exams test the ability of translators to handle real-life scenarios in the subtitling industry. In the former case, translators need to be able to work with a provided template file to translate into their mother tongue. In the latter, they need to be able to create their own subtitles straight from the audio, which is a task that requires a much more technical level of subtitling knowledge.

Taking the exam

During the exam you are allowed to use any resources you would normally use in your course of work as a professional translator working for the media industry. Please note that the various tasks of the exam are timed and therefore a certain level of expertise is needed to complete it successfully in the allocated time, so you will not be able to rely on external resources alone.

Anyone can take the AVTpro Subtitle Translation exam, but it is recommended that you have completed a degree in audiovisual translation and/or have professional experience in the field in order to be able to handle the level of difficulty of the exam.

In order to take the AVTpro Subtitle Creation exam, you will need to have obtained the AVTpro Subtitle Translation Certification first.

You can register for the AVTpro Certifications at any time, but there are only two exam periods per year during which they are open. Each period lasts for two weeks during which you can take the exam at the time of your preference. A maximum of 50 registrations per language pair per exam are available for each exam period. If the demand for a specific certification exceeds this number significantly, an additional exam period will be opened, the details of which will be made available here.

There is no practice test available for the AVTpro exams. Applicants who register for any of the Certifications are expected to have completed relevant studies and/or have professional experience in the task at hand.

Unfortunately, you cannot. To be able to take the AVTpro Subtitle Creation exam you must have successfully completed and obtained the AVTpro Subtitle Translation Certification first. 

After the exam

Yes, they are and, when you sign up for the certification, you will be provided with a unique applicant number.

All assessors are seasoned subtitlers, native in the working language of your assessment, and with many years of experience in the subtitling profession.

Your exam will be evaluated by two assessors. In case of discrepancy between them, a third one will be invited to assess your exam.

You will receive your results, together with a report on your performance, within a month from the end of the exam period for which you registered.

You will be able to retake the exam within six months of your previous exam registration date.

Once you have passed the exam successfully, you will receive a diploma together with a personalized AVTpro Certified Seal containing your name, the name of the certification as well as a unique registration number.

AVTpro Certification pricing

You will find information about the cost of each AVTpro exam by clicking on the exam of your choice here.

The cost of the exam covers the platform maintenance and the evaluator fee. The design of the exam itself is covered by industry sponsors who acknowledge the need for a professional certification in media localization and who are interested in recruiting professionals who can demonstrate their expertise with an industry-approved certification.