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Media localization is a booming industry that has witnessed unprecedented expansion since the turn of the century as a result of digitization and globalization. With more and more translators entering the market, and an ever-growing number of training courses on subtitling and dubbing, with varying levels of granularity and excellence, it has become increasingly complicated for language service providers to single out the right talent for their work. One of main downsides is that media localizers invest a lot of time, effort and resources in conducting translation tests before onboarding new translators onto their platforms.

Certifications are common in the more traditional sectors of the translation and interpreting industry. With media localization being the fastest growing localization sector, the usefulness of a relevant certification is more apparent now than ever before.

Nine leading media localizers and one software provider have agreed to sponsor the design and development of AVTpro, to be spearheaded by one of the most renowned academics in the field.


The AVTpro Initiative

AVTpro is a collaborative initiative that aims to engage stakeholders from all media industry verticals. It is sponsored by companies that service the media industry, which acknowledge the need for a certification in audiovisual localization so as to better address the sector’s talent recruitment needs.

AVTpro is governed by a Steering Committee, formed by the two academics in charge of the design and roll out of the AVTpro Certification plus representatives of the sponsoring organizations.
The Committee advises on the nature of the certifications to be rolled out according to the needs of the industry.

The AVTpro Team consists of the professionals working on the development and implementation of the Certification.
This stellar team of senior subtitlers and translators is responsible for designing the specifics of the tasks involved in each exam and for evaluating the actual tests.

The Advisory Board is an extended yet carefully selected team of professionals representing all industry sectors who offer their advice and feedback on the activities of the AVTpro Team and participate in disseminating information about the Certification.

OOONA is the power behind the AVTpro initiative, not only as one of its sponsors, but also in charge of all logistics necessary for the Certification to be operational, including the website and platform on which it is run.

If you represent an organization that works in the media and would like to get involved in this initiative, please contact us.

AVTpro Steering Committee

Jorge Díaz-Cintas

AVTpro Project Leader
Professor of Translation
University College London

Serenella Massidda

AVTpro Project Coordinator
Senior Lecturer
University of Roehampton

Marc Alexander

Localization Services

Alma Baca

CEO & Founder
Collot Baca Localization

Sanja Bozic-Ljubicic

CEO & Owner
Pickbox, NEM, Mediavision

Simon Constable

SVP Language Services
Visual Data Media

Wayne Garb

CEO & Co-founder

Marcy Gilbert

President & CEO

Martin Königsmark

EVP Localization & Content Services
JuneFirst AB

Helen Larson

Vice President, Localization
Zoo Digital Group plc.

Paulette Pantoja

CEO, Blu Digital Group
Founding Member, Chief

Cassidy Strawn

VP of Localization Operations
Roundabout Ent. Inc.

AVTpro Team

Stefano Bernardi

Translator & Subtitler

Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano

University College London
Universitat Jaume I

Jaime Casas

Latin American Spanish Language Manager

Mónica Castelló

Translator & Subtitler

Magdalena Chiaravalli

Translator & Subtitler

Harun Dallı

Researcher & Subtitler

Linda Lapini

Subtitler & Associate Lecturer
University of Roehampton
The Open University

Noelia Marques Cobeta

University of Zaragoza

Jean-Noël Pappens

Subtitler & Instructor

Guillermo Parra López

Translator & Subtitler

Cécile Pasquet

Managing Director

Damián Santilli

Subtitler & Professor
University of Buenos Aires

Stavroula Sokoli

Senior Subtitler
Researcher, Computer Technology Institute
Vice President, ESIST

Agnieszka Szarkowska

University Professor
University of Warsaw
AVT Masterclass

Mandana Taban

Translator & subtitler
Founder & owner
Taban Translating Films GmbH

Adriana Tortoriello

Senior Subtitler &
Creative Translation Hub

Änne Troester

Dubbing Scriptwriter

Zewdy Tsehaye

Language Quality Manager

AVTpro Advisory Board

Nefeli Antonopoulou

Learning Programs Manager

Caroline Baines

Director of Member Services

Lindsay Bywood

AVT Expert
PR Officer, VSI
University of Westminster

Mara Campbell

COO & Founder
True Subtitles

Alex Collot

Director of Operations
Collot Baca Localization

Suzanne Garner

Vice President Localization
Picture Head

Yota Georgakopoulou

Consultant & Owner
Athena Consultancy

Nathalie Haddad

Trans Titles

Nick Ivanov

Co-owner & Voice Over Producer
Graffitti Studio

Henrik Johnsen

Senior Subtitler
Author of Norwegian Guidelines

Natali Krecić

Head of Translations

Justin Loya

Global Tech & Innovation Manager
Visual Data Media

Tim McHugh

Localization Operations Manager

Patrik Nilsson

Translation Manager

Laila Pollak

Managing Director & Founder
Anima Mundi

Lesley Schneider

Customer Success Manager
3Play Media

Jennie Smith

Vendor Relations Manager
Take 1