AVTpro Certification

Professional qualification
in media localization

What is AVTpro?

AVTpro Certification is a professional qualification in media localization, recognized and accepted by the industry as a badge of quality and competence. AVTpro is endorsed by media localization providers, who funded its development, as well as by experienced translation professionals, researchers, and academics.


Why become an AVTpro certified translator?

For translators, AVTpro is a distinction that can open doors for career development and higher compensation in a competitive job market. Once you have earned your AVTpro certification, you will be able to use your unique, personalized AVTpro Certified Seal on your website, business cards and other professional materials to showcase your expertise and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Become an AVTpro certified professional and take your career to the next level!

For employers, AVTpro is a guarantee of excellence and professionalism of the certified translators as it demonstrates that they possess the linguistic and cultural knowledge as well as the technical skills needed to excel and provide quality language services for the audiovisual industry.

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